Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Scary Story

It was a cold,dark night and I was alone in a strange house. Suddenly I heard a noise. A very strange noise was coming from the basement. I heard a little girl screaming in terror.I went to look in the basement to see what was making that strange noise, but when I got there there was nothing there.

When I left the basement I could hear that strange noise again. I went back down there and I saw a little girl. She was just standing there, doing nothing except for making a lot of noise. I tried to tell her to come up stairs but she said nothing so I left her down there.

When I went back to my room I took my shoes off  and put them in the wardrobe. When I put my shoes away I could feel something behind me. Then I looked behind me, it was the little girl that I had left behind.

When I saw her she said “Hello what are you doing here?” and I said “I live here now.” When I said that I lived here she told me that I am in very big danger. I went to go and take the little girl back home but my hand went straight through her and I found out that she was a ghost!!

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