Friday, December 14, 2012

My Favorited Singer

Who is your Favorited singer?

My Favorited singer is Nicki Minaj, Willy Moon and Alieca Keys. 
I like theirs singer's because I like there song's and they have really good vices.
Here a the photos of my Favorited singer's


Thursday, October 25, 2012

About my netbook

Hello my name is Wakatere Cecil. I am ging to tell you about what are netbook is. At school we have little laptops that are could netbooks.
Netbooks are so cool to have. Did you know that some of us can take it home?

Our school was the frist to get the netbooks. When we saw them the couler of the netbooks
was black. Black was a nice colour for the netbooks. But we didn't get to chose the colour of the 

I am going to go now but if you want to see a photo of the netbook
here it is 

This is the inside of the netbook.

This is the front of the netbook.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Best Friends

Hello my name is Wakatere and I am going to tell you about my best friends and here
is a pitcher of them.  There names a Quziyah and Asena and that is me on the lift side.

Friday, September 14, 2012


AAAchoo!!! sorry about that but when I sneeze I go all the way up to space and I can see the
shooting stars and all the other planets even earth. One time when we got a cat it was on my
bed. I closed the door behind me and went up to it. Then I picked it up and put it on my lap.
But then some of the cats fur went up my nose. I was going to sneeze and I tried not to but
 then AAAchoo!!! all my cats fur came off and now we just had a pink cat with no fur.
But then our cat was sneezing. Our cat made a big hole in the roof. So we gave the cat away
and we never saw it again.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Going To The Pools

In the weekend i went to the pools with my mum,dad,brothers and sister’s. We had to get some lunch so we could eat at the pools when we are hungry and had to get our togs so we could have a swim in the pool. My little brother had to go in the baby pool and my mum went in with him. My brother and sister Charles and Charlese went in the little pool. They went in the same pool that my mum went in to. Me and my sister Elizabeth went with my dad to the big pool. That pool was not deep for me and Elizabeth or my dad to. Then my little baby brother got hungry. So we had to eat. We had some cheese and luncheon sandwiches we liked it. Then we had to go home we didn’t want to go home because it was so boring. When we got home we had a little sleep.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My holiday

Hi my name is Wakatere. In the holiday I went to my cousin's house we played lots of games I liked it they it was awesome.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Picasso face

HI my name is Wakatere. Here is my Picasso singer his name is Drake. I did Drake because hi is the boom.


Here is Cace's art from Rom15 art. I like this one because I like the colors on it.


On Tuesday there was a tornado in Albany on the north shore. The tornado was very loud and it was strong. There was a tree blown over. There was a car blown over too. The tornado was very loud. Some people died in the tornado.
If I was in a tornado I would be killed.

MY Story

On Tuesday there was a tornado in Albany on the north shore. The tornado was very loud and it was strong. There was tree blown over. There was car blown over to. The tornado was very loud. Some people died in the tornado.
If I was in a tornado I would be killed.story

Baby bear

Wednesday 13.7.2011
In the morning Father bear and baby bear went fishing. They went fishing in the sea. They got five fish. They had a pan so they could cook the fish.
Baby bear got are big fish. The pan was on the sand.
Little bear and father bear cooked the fish. They had a lot of fish. Then they went home. They liked the fish.
They liked going fishing.They are good fishing bears.
They got the fish with the net. Baby bear got the
big fish with his hand. He was so happy that he got a big fish. Father bear and mother bear were happy too.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scary Snakes

Snakes are really cool we like them but watch out they can be very vicious. Snakes can be big,fat, and long we all like snakes do you like them? I am so sorry that I can not stick around
but I well see you later bye for now. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Holidays story

In the holidays I went to my Nana's house with my sister Elizabeth. When we got there we saw two big fat dogs. They were black and they were hairy. Then we went inside to have some hot chips. We had two big bags of chips. Then we went outside to go to feed the dogs. They had very big teeth. Later on we had to go home but we didn’t want to go back home but we went home anyway. We liked it there. But I was happy to go home. I liked it at my house better than my Nana. But when we got home it was night time. Then we went to bed. When we went to bed my Nana went back home. Then we went to sleep.

My Progress this week.

Here is my progress for all of my online learning for Week 6, Term 2. Have a look and see what you think. Please message me!