Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Holiday

Guess what I did in the holiday? I went to the pools. when I went to the pools. I pushed my little brother into the baby pools and my mum gave me growing. Then I got out of the pools. After that I went home.


  1. Oh no Wakatere! I hope you were just playing when you pushed your brother in the pools.

    I like the detail in your graphics and I hope you'll blog some more!

    From Ms Mackinlay and Poppy

  2. Waketere what a really cool blog and a photo of your self wakatere when did you push charles in the pool far out did you needed to tell everybody.Everybody things that you really did it. Any way what a cool blog


  3. Wakatere

    hope you do not do that again to any on hope you all the best

    from lesieli