Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell post

Hi my name is Wakatere Cecil and I am in room 19 at Pt England School and I am a year 7. I am really really looking forward to being a year 8 next year I can't wait to be are year 8. I want to be a year 8 because it is awesome.

I just want to say good bye to my dear friends who are leaving next year they are Andrea Kelly and Te Rina Kirkwood. I am really going to miss them because I am going to be lonely.  I don't want my best year 8 friends to go to college next year.  I don't want the year to end now.

I just want to say a very good bye to the best teacher I ever had and her name is Miss Tito. I am going to Miss you but I will still see you around at school. Just to let you no Miss Tito you taught me a lot this year you taught me a lot of Maori.

Next year there should be a singing studio and a dance studio.  Next year at Pt England School the whole school should get a netbook each the school will happy.  Next year the senior group should all get an ipad and we could take it home too.

This year the best thing I liked is being in room 19 with all these pretty cool and awesome friend's I have. This year it's been a pretty cool year I hope next year will be the same. 

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  1. Hi Wakatere its good that your a year 8.
    By Moses