Friday, December 13, 2013

Reflection of what my netbook is about

For a few year’s we have been using netbooks. Netbook’s  are a little bit like laptop’s but they're smaller than them.  Next year the year fore a getting a netbook to.On netbooks you can do a lot of thing’s it can help you to learn to did you know that and you can do thing’s on it that no one can do.

On our netbook’s we learn how to do other things on it. We learn how to read and write on it to and we can discover new things we never knew before. On netbook's you can learn a lot of thing's.

Netbook’s a very deer they cost like $600. You can learn on it to. I really like my netbook I really do it’s awesome working on it. You could learn so much on netbook’s they are better then working on book's way mush better.
they can teach you a lot of thing's.

Netbook's made me learn a lot this year that's how great they are.
I learnt new staff about new thing's I never new before. Netbooks are so awesome we can learn a lot on them.

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