Friday, August 23, 2013

Our School Cross Country

Yesterday on the 22nd our school had a Cross Country. We had groups like Mataatua (green), Te Arawa (red), Tainui (Blue) and Takitimu (yellow). The first one's to run was the 5 year olds then the 6 year olds. They had to run 1kilometre. The year 3s and 4s had to run 1.5. The 10 year olds had to run 2 laps, 2.5 kilometre. Than the year 7s had to run 2 laps, 3 kilometre and the year 8s had to run 2 laps, 3.5 kilometre. When we were waiting for the 10 year olds to finished there run we just had to stay in the sun and wait. Then Miss Nua told the year 8s and 7s to go in the shade. When the 10 year olds where nearly finished Miss Nua told us to go where the trees are. Then it was the year 7 girls time to run.

They had to get up and go to the staring line and wait for the alarm to ring. Once the alarm has rang the girls had to run. When the girls ran the year 7 boys had to go to the staring line and wait for the first girl to run throw the finish line. Then the first girl came throw the finish line sorry I do not the girls name. Then it was time for the year 7 boys time to run. When it was our torn we where all reedy. Then the alarm rang. We ran as fast as we can. We had to run 2 laps. Once around the field then we went throw the these pols to go to Pt England reserve and once around the bottom field. The we go throw the senior play ground  and  the go past the finished line then do it all over again. When we were done it was time for the year 8s time to run.

When I was nearly at the finishing line I almost fall were the pols where but I made it. When I was at the finish line and I was done I felt every happy and I was so proud of my self. I crossed the finish line with my friend Efilona. But I crossed be for her so we didn't cross the finish line to gather.

I liked the race because when I was running I got to jump in some deep poodles. Thats why I liked the run we had yesterday. When we were done our class room19 went back to the class room and we had to go home. We said our good byes and left. That was the coolest Cross Country run ever.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Holidays

Who likes having holidays?

On the first day of the holidays me and my family went to my nanas.
When we got there my nana was so happy to see us she gave us a big hug.
When she finished giving us a hug we went inside the house. When we went inside the house we had a pie. When I was done with the pie I went inside my nanas room to get the PSP. 

When I was playing on the PSP I could here this noise coming from the roof. I went to go and see what was making that noise. I went out side looked up on the roof but nothing was there so I went on the other side of the roof and it was just a cat walking on top of the roof. So I went back inside the house and sat on the bed. Then I went out side because it was boring just playing on the PSP. So me and my brother made a little village for the bugs. We could the little village bugsvill. We made it with flowers and sticks.

When we were done we busted it down. It was the last day of the holidays the only thing I liked doing at my nanas was making little villages but the sad bit was when me and my brother busted it down that was the sad bit for the bugs. Then we went home but my mum ran over the bugsvill me and my brother made. That was my holiday.