Monday, August 27, 2012

Going To The Pools

In the weekend i went to the pools with my mum,dad,brothers and sister’s. We had to get some lunch so we could eat at the pools when we are hungry and had to get our togs so we could have a swim in the pool. My little brother had to go in the baby pool and my mum went in with him. My brother and sister Charles and Charlese went in the little pool. They went in the same pool that my mum went in to. Me and my sister Elizabeth went with my dad to the big pool. That pool was not deep for me and Elizabeth or my dad to. Then my little baby brother got hungry. So we had to eat. We had some cheese and luncheon sandwiches we liked it. Then we had to go home we didn’t want to go home because it was so boring. When we got home we had a little sleep.

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  1. Hello Wakatere,
    I love the way you used different kind of vocabulary. I also liked your photo !!!
    Keep up the good work mate... :)

    From Asena!!