Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My holiday

Hi my name is Wakatere. In the holiday I went to my cousin's house we played lots of games I liked it they it was awesome.


  1. Hey Wakatere ,
    Cool holiday story . But don't you think you might need to write some more so your readers can read some information That will interest them . Maybe you need 1 paragraph not 1 sentence but good story any way.
    From Ashlee

  2. Hey Wakatere,

    I really enjoyed reading your holiday story. I just recognised that at the end of the story it didn't make sense... But thats ok. Next time I hope I will visit your blog and read another interesting story of yours..
    Keep It Up!!!

    Love Asena!

  3. Hey Wakatere I liked your story about going to your cousin's place to play games. I loved your really neat picture that you drew. Keep up the good work Waka.

    From Uili