Thursday, October 25, 2012

About my netbook

Hello my name is Wakatere Cecil. I am ging to tell you about what are netbook is. At school we have little laptops that are could netbooks.
Netbooks are so cool to have. Did you know that some of us can take it home?

Our school was the frist to get the netbooks. When we saw them the couler of the netbooks
was black. Black was a nice colour for the netbooks. But we didn't get to chose the colour of the 

I am going to go now but if you want to see a photo of the netbook
here it is 

This is the inside of the netbook.

This is the front of the netbook.


  1. Hello Waktere,
    Wow Wakatere I really Like you story about your Netbook. And even though it is so cool to have one netbook you have to take good care of it. Well Exciting story and cant wait to read some more of your post.
    From Raeleen.

    1. Hello Raeleen I really enjoy reading your comment. Sorry but I have to go now but thank you for your awesome comment and I hope I see you around school today.